Backing off a bit to get ready for what’s to come

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July 23, 2016 by scratchtype1

I had been feeling it some by the end of June that I was a bit worn out. And I had felt almost like I had never fully recovered after my 10 straight days of 10 miles or more. Which has led to this month, where I have only run about 86 miles so far. On the other hand, I have done about 80% of the miles barefoot and that’s a good thing, as it helps to keep my form in good shape.

It’s also been dreadfully hot sometimes, further making it a bit of a chore to run. And there’s something else going on to, but I won’t reveal what that is until the time is appropriate. And when I do, it’ll be a somewhat remarkable story, I think and I will do my best to write it well.

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