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It was a little over 9 months ago that I began going around barefoot a great deal, and then a couple of months after that, that I made my first barefoot run which went more than a mile. At the beginning, the blog’s purpose was rather mundane, a way for me to document some the changes to the feet. I did not imagine the turns that things would take.

Over time, a prevailing theme has arisen, one in which I’m writing about running and its effect upon mood, upon how I see the world, and some of the various memories that tie into the impact that running has had on my life. I believe that some of that has been profoundly influenced by the effect of running barefoot and minimalist, the greater and richer sensory input felt in the soles of the feet is fed into the brain. I’ve also been having glimpses that perhaps I can start writing more coherently, more aesthetically again, although I’m not sure of that. Perhaps the lull has been too long and my talents are too meager and they’ve atrophied beyond full repair. I suppose the lesson of that may be one which says, write like human beings should run, nearly some every day if you can. That’s my fault, I didn’t have enough fight in me to keep the shadows and silence at bay enough.

Chance today brought me to a poem I had never seen before, At Pleasure Bay, by Robert Pinsky. Some fantastic lines and images are in it, and the poem moves well, it almost runs and each word is a step forward, carrying the writer and the reader along a route.

Still, I am trying to find a path back, to my own Pleasure Bay, a chance that one day I will write something poetic and hit save instead of delete, something that will survive despite the ways we die constantly even while we live. That’s where we are as of now. The future is uncertain but worth exploring.

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