Monthly Archives: May 2015

  1. May Review


    May 31, 2015 by scratchtype1

    I entered May feeling pretty good. All systems were functioning well, I had energy and I had time to run. …
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  2. 3 months since last and I’m still a runner

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    May 23, 2015 by scratchtype1

    It had been a while since I had last worn the heart rate monitor that came with the Garmin. I …
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  3. Letter from Brazil


    May 4, 2015 by scratchtype1

    Today the mailbox held a surprise. Perhaps it shouldn’t have been a surprise, but both the letter writer and I …
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  4. April Review

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    May 1, 2015 by scratchtype1

    Maybe it won’t be a bad idea to do monthly reviews, just to help me to try to see what’s …
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