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September 30, 2017 by scratchtype1

I haven’t posted here much because I moved much of my focus and self to another blog. That other blog would have never begun without this one, as running and barefoot running in particular played a huge role in helping me to make sense of something that I had struggled with for many years.

In the post prior to this, where I wrote an account of the awful marathon I ran last year, I had this snippet:

After checking in and dropping off my bag with a hoodie and sweatpants for after the race, I had along with others gathered in the lee of a display tent for some shelter from the wind that was noticeable but not so strong yet. We stood around and tried to summon the stoicism of the penguins who hold eggs up on the their feet during the long night of Antarctica winter. We all had our own eggs clutched up inside of us. For me, I had two, one of which I well tell you about now. One will have to wait til later. It’s not time for it to be told yet.

I won’t surprise you with the egg that I will tell you about.

So now I will reveal that egg. Up on this blog’s banner, you see a guy running barefoot in a kilt. But appearances don’t always tell the whole story, do they? I’m now going to tell you that last year in 2016 after the news about the Pulse Nightclub shooting broke, I finally reached a tipping point on a decision and decided that it was time for me to transition.

So I began telling those that I first needed to tell and then after I had completed the marathon last year, I set about to starting hormone therapy. That began on May 26th of this year and it’s been wonderful to see and feel the slow changes upon my mind, body, and feelings.

I am a transgender woman who loves to run and barefoot running taught me how we can be so much more than what our culture often teaches us.

If any of that makes you curious, you can see where I do most of my writing now at Izabela, Mia Kara.

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