The week after 10 or miles a day for 10 straight days

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June 11, 2016 by scratchtype1

It was remarkable some how the day after the 10th day, I just didn’t feel like running so much. I went out last Sunday morning thinking that if things felt good, it would be really cool to run at least 10 miles and go an 11th day. But I didn’t. It was rather easy to do about 4.5 miles and feel that was enough. But I wondered — what if the challenge had been to run 11 straight days of 10 or more miles? How would I have felt? Would I have done it? Would my body have felt better, felt stronger? Would I have psyched myself up to do it?

It’s known that there is some sort of feedback loop between the mind and body. What is less certain is how much one affects the other and how the balance might shift between them.


Since the 10 days, I’ve had 2 good feeling runs out of the 7 days. Wednesday morning and today, Saturday. I take that to mean I did push the limits some and the body needed some recovery time. Still it’s kind of funny to see that tomorrow’s run should put me again up over 40 miles in a week.

I’m not any extraordinary athlete. The truth might be that I kind of suck. I’ll probably never win a race and I may never even win an age-group award. Actually, truth be told, I once did win an age-group award at a race back in 2007. But the glory of that was a bit tainted by the fact that I finished dead fucking last in that race as well. That’s a pretty good trick, huh?

But it tells me some that there ought to be more people capable of things that I’ve now done — a running streak of more than 400 days, 20 straight months of 125 or more miles, 85 straight weeks of 20 or more miles.

But I’m a rare oddity by now. Why is it? Why has humanity become so sedentary?

I’ve got thoughts about it and I might not be right. But I wonder if shoes have a subtle effect. When we wear shoes, we cut off the sensory input that the soles of the feet can feel. And most of the shoes today have lift in the heels, throwing off the natural balance and posture of the body. Thus I think many people, when they stand up in their shoes, know at some deep level they aren’t properly self-positioned to ambulate and walk and run. It’s amazing how if you look at how people carry themselves these days, many of them are at least slightly hunched over. And that makes sitting down again a more attractive option and when we sit down, our glutes go slack and the hip flexors tighten up some more. It’s a slow and subtle effect that wrecks many people by the time they’re adults. They never learned what it’s like to stand. To move. To run.

I know damn well that I wouldn’t be running like I am now if it weren’t for going barefoot as often as I do now.


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