Halfway ain’t always half the way

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May 30, 2016 by scratchtype1

Today was day 5 of trying to run 10 straight days of at least 10 miles each day. 12 miles and I felt grateful some for the clouds that shielded me some from the sun on a morning when I had started late. Yesterday’s run was the toughest so far, I was feeling kinda wobbly during the last mile and a half of it. The sun was strong and frying me up pretty good.

So I’m halfway through 10 days. But then I think of how they sometimes say that the last half of a marathon is the last 10 kilometers. So I might have to run with some darker thoughts and feelings for the next 5 if I want to complete the 10 days. That’s one of the reasons why I’m taking a run at this challenge, today I know there were some times that in the past I would have walked, but I want to learn that even then, if I work at it, I can keep running.


One of the aspects of running that pulls upon me is the chance to find out what can be done, that once would have seemed impossible or unimaginable. Years ago, late 2006, I took my first run at running. And in what may have been only around 100 miles, I broke the tibia down in the left ankle. Now if I pull off this challenge, I will have run more than 100 miles in 10 days and I won’t be broken at the end of it. So persistence and commitment can have rewards. Maybe. Not always.

But if you think about, persistence and commitment is what makes extraordinary things possible. In some ways, it’s not extraordinary to love another for some days or months. What’s extraordinary are those who love one another for years, committed to the idea of the other, to loving the other, with diligence and dauntlessness, with dedication and desire. With step after step, stride after stride, a sort of story becomes written by sweat and sometimes doubts and sometimes timidness and sometimes trepidation. Sometimes I feel that desperation when I run, whether in the blast of sun on a hot day or through the cool and dappled shade thrown by oaks and maples alongside the gravel road whose stones crunch under the shoes.

I heard horses whinnying to one another today. A gray one tossed its head at me when I ran by. The miles shaped me a little more. I shaped some the miles. For now I still have form. May the miles be good til that inevitable day I will fade out and fall into formlessness.


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