Red Bandanna

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May 27, 2016 by scratchtype1

Today was day 411 of the running streak and also the 2nd day of trying to run at least 10 miles each day for 10 straight days. I had originally planned to start the 10×10 today, but yesterday I ran a pleasant 5.5 miles in the early morning and later after getting home for work, did another easy-paced 4.8 miles.

The 10×10 might prove to be beyond reach for me. My record mileage week ever is a little over 60 miles. But somehow I think it can be done. I’ll have to run all the miles pretty much on the easy side, but I feel pretty good that over the past 2.5 years, I’ve developed a fairly decent base and resilience. And since returning from a period of light running due to injury, I’ve now run 20 straight months of at least 125 miles every month and no injuries whatsoever. That doesn’t make me invincible and if anything tweaks during the coming days, I will abandon the attempt for 10×10.

The first hot weather of the year has finally arrived. It’s not terribly hot, but it feels tough some after the prolonged cool and rainy weather we’ve experienced here since late March. I’m trying a new cooling strategy for the after work runs in the late afternoon and early evening. Before I go out, I soak my head with cool water and then also soak a red bandanna which I then roll up and tie around my head. It definitely helps during the first couple of miles or so and even after that it helps to take a bit of an edge from the sun and heat.


At work earlier this week one of my coworkers asked about the running I was doing and I was telling them about some of the mileages. They all think it’s kind of crazy and remarkable and extraordinary. I thought about that while I was running early today, in the relative cool twilight of morning, that maybe what’s not so extraordinary about how I’m averaging about 42 miles a week so far this year and running every day, but what’s extraordinary is that our culture and beliefs think that not running is ordinary, that many believe that humans are essentially sedentary, that we should only move minimally and confine ourselves to the comfort of chairs and climate-controlled rooms.

The human potential is so much more, maybe, I think. Or is it just my experience making me too, I don’t know, overestimating? I don’t know, but I think that a lot more people should be capable of running, nearly every day if not every day. But our culture discourages that. Shoes maybe discourage it too. Wearing shoes too much weaken the feet and the feet we have were selected for by evolution to be our running shoes, to see the earth with the array of nerves in the soles of the feet, to read the world under the soles and toes.

What would our culture and world be like if we wore blindfolds all the time? Shoes are like that some, like blindfolds on our feet, cutting us off from important sensory input.


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