Streak day #357, Tumult

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April 3, 2016 by scratchtype1

6.23 miles, easy. There is wind today. It blows and rolls about in finding paths through the terrain and trees. It’s even knocked over a spruce tree today, the former top of that tree now extending out into the roadway.

This is day 357. I’ve been tempted some to only do a run of a little more than a mile, considering the wind, considering the miles of yesterday and some of those done as part of a 5K PR. But funny somehow the legs seem a bit more snappish today, a little more juice in the springs.

But then there is that wind, which seemed to bring me to near halt while cresting one small hill. Thwump, I could almost hear it thwumping into me, trying to drive me back and left.

Now that was some time ago and I’m still out here, running through an area of flatness. The growing green grass in the fields to the sides of me is a tumult of sinuous ripples, the blades of green flashing dark and light as the light catches the two sides that twist about in the winds. I see I’m coming up on 3 miles done and calculate that I’m on pace to run about sub-29 in the first 5K of this run. Many years ago, I can remember the ferocious effort it took me to first run sub-30 in a 5K. Now I do it so often easy, so many times during these past 357 days.

So what’s a little wind to worry about today? There are many miles behind me now and many more to go, along flat stretches and up and down hills, in dead calms and lively gust-abouts, all that’s around me.


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