Streak Day #355, Fool in the Rain


April 1, 2016 by scratchtype1

5.6 miles. It’s a little after 2 miles done and I’ve turned back around after a few cars have passed me by. The skies are ominous to the north and west. The air is tangible with wind, humidity and some early drops of rain. I see that one of the vehicles, an SUV has pulled off into the mouth of a driveway.

I get the sense that the driver is waiting for me. Sure enough, as I close the gap, she leans her head out the window and says, “Are you okay? Do you need a ride?” I smile and say, “Thank you but no. It’s all good.”

And I continue and she drives off.

So it goes. I did get poured on some during miles 3 and 4. I saw dandelion and daffodils shake in the wind. I saw rivers form in the ditches alongside the roads. I was out there while it went from muggy and humid to cool and sharp and me soaked in the shorts and a shirt.

It was all good. It was day 355, 2 days short of the baseball season opener. I’ve almost gone around the calendar.


5 thoughts on “Streak Day #355, Fool in the Rain

  1. I was the fool in the rain a few days ago!! Nice streak! One of my sons has Type 1. Keep fighting the fight. It would be awesome to see a cure.

    • scratchtype1 says:

      Thank you for commenting and I hope your son is doing well. I’ve got 31 years of practice at it now and have come to love running as a way to help with staying healthy. Yesterday was just about the worst downpour I’ve ever run in and it almost felt like some hail mixed in at the worst of it, while running uphill, into a wind. Then as I crossed a bridge, the backend came through and it was all good again. But it was all good before that too, just somehow enjoying the craziness of it all.

  2. I’ve always wondered what it feels like to run in the rain. I’ve seen many people do it. I’m not sure I’d be able to to handle the wet clothes on my body. It seems like you had a great time though. Thumbs up!

    • scratchtype1 says:

      Thank you. What you may find is that over time, you can push boundaries and end up doing things that you once felt were impossible for you to do. That’s probably been the biggest lesson that running has been teaching me. There are many things in this world we consider to impossible, but aren’t. They just need persistence and stubborness and a bit of craziness for them to become attainable.

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