Streak day #353

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March 30, 2016 by scratchtype1

7 miles this morning, easy for the most part, just some 30 second accelerations from time to time. A bit chilly, but not much wind like the last couple of days. I walk a bit after finishing my runs usually and the last two days it was amazing some to see how a no trespassing sign posted on a telephone pole flapped in the wind.

And Monday while walking out to my car after work, I got hit by a gust of wind that drove me sideways a good five feet or so. When I tried to turn into it, I could hardly move forward until it subsided to only a raging wind. The run that evening wasn’t too bad since it was at least warm.

2 weeks until the streak anniversary. 13 days to completing a year. I’m in good shape to go over 2000 miles during the first year of the streak, although I’d like to cross that 2000 mile mark on day 365 do I can know that I would have done it without the benefit of a leap day.

Hope to run a 5K race on Saturday, but nervous there’s been sick coworker in the office the last 2 days. Frick. 2 years ago I ran the 5K race with a drippy nose and sore throat. Last year I was sick and the wind was crazy, so I passed on it. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever again run in this 5K race healthy.


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