Running streak day #350

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March 27, 2016 by scratchtype1

11.42 miles, long run. Legs felt pretty solid and that made the decision to run long pretty easy. The first 5 miles were tough some, I took them into the wind and for the most part climbing, but got the reward for doing that by how much easier it felt when coming back mostly going down and wind behind me.

Only 16 more days to complete the circuit of the calendar and earth around the sun.

On the way back home, I passed the spot where the pickup truck broke the tip of my right thumb. Today I had an SUV fly by and not move to his left any. When I turned to flash the fuck-you finger at him, there was no traffic coming towards him. Asshole. But it’s important to remember that for the most part drivers are pretty good and he was the only asshole I encountered out there today.

About half a mile after that, a bicycle herd passed me in the opposite direction. They recognized me and I heard one comment to another, “He’s wearing shoes today!” Yeah, I do that some, especially for some of the roads, like the gravel one I ran for more than 2 miles on. But these shoes I use are thin-soled, sans insoles, and let me feel the surface and make me think about how and where I want the feet to land. At its purest form, running is without shoes. But maybe that’s only me that thinks and sees that. Still, whenever I see videos of fast runners who are barefoot, it is simply elegant and beautiful to watch them, there’s a sort of perfection in their movements and muscles.

Which doesn’t mean that shoes are useless and without utility. They are tools. Just ones that maybe get overused some in our modern culture.


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