Streak day #344

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March 21, 2016 by scratchtype1

6.1 miles easy effort. Lots of wind today, it seemed to grow stronger as the run went on, meaning that the last 2.5 miles were mostly against and seemed really tough. Legs felt a bit knackered by the prior 3 days.

I saw the first dandelions poking out alongside the roads.

The wind blew hard enough to make some tags nailed to a telephone rattle and crackle and chime in the off-tune way of metal tags in a wind.

Had a dark thought after about 4.2 miles. Thought at least let me make 4.8 miles, so if I’m fated to pass out from diabetic hypoglycemia and die, at least I’ll have made 100 miles for the 18th straight month in a row.

Never really settled into the run. The legs felt bit up enough to make that hard and the wind kept knocking on me, even when it was from behind. Though there was one good patch of about 5 seconds where the wind seemed to make me almost float up an uphill.

Almost got knocked to a stop at one point by wind, an uphill and a thought of mom. It was almost enough to smack me down and make me want to take a knee by the side of the road and do nothing but grieve some.

Instead I grieved on the run and let my thighs cry in pain.


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