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March 19, 2016 by scratchtype1

I had a good run today, for streak day #342, following up a good run last evening after work. I had gone through a bad patch of runs following a run 2 Sundays ago, when I ran long in White Clay Preserve for more than 13 miles. I had been aiming some to do 14, but suddenly after 13 miles the legs just started going dead and I needed to walk.

Everything had caught up to me.

The Monday and Tuesday before the Wednesday on which my mom died, I had two fantastic and pretty easy-feeling runs. The legs were light and springy and there was no small amount of maybe too much pride in that. Then Mom died. And I kept running. I talked about that some when I spoke at her memorial service, how the morning after I went out and ran more than 8 miles. When that week was in the books, I totaled up more than 48 miles, the most in a week so far this year.

But I was having trouble sleeping. And all the running so far this year then caught up to me last week. 4 days last week I only ran streak-saver type of runs, between 1 to 2 miles and I felt awful. Awful during the run and awful afterwards, like I wasn’t a runner anymore.

On the other hand and in the spirit of strange coincidences and seeming instant karma-balancing since November of last year, I also received a message from someone on OKCupid and I replied. I had actually seen her profile a few days before she messaged me, as I had had some moments after losing someone important to me of needing to reach out not only to family and current friends, but maybe someone else. Still, even though I thought she was interesting when I was looking, I felt at a loss for words and didn’t send anything.

But she wrote. And I wrote back. And back and forth. And then agreement to meetup that coming Sunday. So we went out, walked a labyrinth and hunted for a minotaur and had dinner. It was all very good during a somewhat dark and damp Sunday afternoon and evening.

The excitement of that may have helped to give me a good run that morning before getting ready to meet her.

But then I struggled some again earlier this week.

Things go on. 342 straight days of running now.


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