So tomorrow, finally

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November 21, 2015 by scratchtype1

I almost wish today was tomorrow. Today’s weather would have been perfect for the half-marathon. A little below 40 degrees and not even a breath of wind. The sun in the clear sky would have warmed things up a bit and made it more comfortable for after the race is done.

Today’s run wasn’t even really a training run. I reminded myself that I was only moving the legs some and there would be no sense in doing anything that might make them tired tomorrow.

I’ve run 1736.9 miles this year. Back in 2007, when I ran my first half-marathon, I had around 420 miles of training. Running was much different then for me. I began running to prove something, that maybe type 1 diabetes wasn’t as much of a limitation as I once thought. The person who crossed the finish line that year, pumping a fist in a big yellow glove, was different some.

I didn’t understand then how running could wreak change and havoc upon one’s life. I still don’t. I only know it happens and I only know there are parts of the past that I cannot decipher, nor anyone else.

After a break, I began running again in 2013. While running transformed me, it also transformed itself. It became a fierce need, one that amplified whenever I ran barefoot and put my feet to the earth and roads as if to make them tremble slightly. But maybe I was still selfish. I ran for myself.

And that’s okay.

But as the miles piled up since that return to running, over 3500 of them, I began to have ideas of something more. So finally late in October, I decided to maybe make those miles count for more than just myself. I started a fundraising page for the JDRF, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and hoped that I might attract some people to donate money for research towards a cure. Yeah, maybe that’s a bit selfish since I am a type 1 diabetic, but there are also millions of others in the world who are type 1. And there are the millions of parents who take care of children with type 1, and many of those children aren’t quite ready to take on all the trickery of manually simulating a pancreas through insulin, test strips, CGM, etc.

A cure would make a huge difference in their lives.

So tomorrow, finally, I don’t just run for myself. I run for the millions of others with type 1 and for the millions who will be diagnosed in the future.

Please contribute to finding a cure if you can.



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