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November 12, 2015 by scratchtype1

Given enough time, you’re pretty much bound to encounter strange sorts of coincidences that seem to defy probability or credibility even. Of course a broken thumb isn’t sufficient enough reason to stop running, so out I went this morning, though with perhaps new unsettled sense of what might happen when running on roads. The truth is that most of the fear and anger and distress I didn’t start feeling until late, when I went to bed after taking another pain pills. The pain pills are weird some, it’s almost a sensation of like I know there is still pain, but somehow it’s just not quite there. Like my brain can’t feel something.

But sleep eluded me for well over an hour, maybe because one moment when it seemed like I had finally been drifting below consciousness, I was jolted awake by memory of how a couple of years ago someone had sent me an email about how they had seen me in a dream where I had been hit and killed by a car. So maybe 10 minutes after that, I turned on the computer and searched my gmail account. The date of that email jumped out at me. November 12, 2013.

A car breaks my thumb on November 11, 2015.

So I go out running this morning. I want to keep the running streak going. I didn’t take any pain pills before, to make sure that I would be fully alert. I didn’t anticipate how jumpy I was going to be during it. Whenever I would first see a coming at me, the heart jumped a little and I watched to see if the driver began to move over to their left. Most everybody did so early on and I would breathe a sigh of relief.

Often, when I first picked up the sound of a car coming from behind, I found myself taking a look back to see where they were on the road.

At around 2.75 miles I had a school bus thunder by me from behind on a narrow stretch of road. That sent a jolt through my heart.

But it was a mile later that things got hairy again. A pickup truck, maybe the same color as the one of yesterday? It doesn’t move any to its left. I begin the wave. It actually veers slightly closer to the shoulder. I start doing the wave both arms wave. And then it got too close for comfort, I bail to my left, dancing up onto the grassy slope. I look at the truck going by me. A woman’s face think. I think she looks at me. Then she’s by and I drop back down to the road, hardly believing it. What the hell’s going on? The pickup truck that was following that one a fair distance behind saw this. He gives me room. I steal some looks back. I shake my head. I look at the polite driver. I see him shaking his head like he can’t believe what he just saw either.

So what is it? Was it the same driver? Is there maybe someone who wants to run runners off the road? Or was it just really bad luck 2 days in a row, 2 different drivers?

I don’t know, I almost had a panic attack about a tenth of a mile after. And I jumped even more whenever I would first see a car approaching.


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