Would you believe I got hit by a car?

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November 11, 2015 by scratchtype1

The running log I keep shows that I’ve run almost 5700 miles. Almost 1700 of those have been this year. Today’s running log entry has an odd note: Hit by car, probably have broken thumb.

I don’t run busy roads, for the most part. I do have one run that I do which has a short tenth of a mile that I do to get over to another tiny and little-used road. Still, I’ve seen a fair number of cars in my time and until today, I can say that even the most begrudging of drivers have usually moved themselves a little to their left.

But not today. I saw the pickup coming, hugging towards the white line by the non-existent shoulder. I knew from looking back before the left turn onto this road that there was no traffic going in the opposite direction of the pickup. I began waving. I could not see the driver because of the light at the time and the windshield. I dance along the edge of the road. Time got both slow and fast. Slow in how the vehicle didn’t move over. But fast as well. Then the noise and disruption of air. My right arm must have flung out a bit in an instinct to keep balance while running the tightrope of the road edge.

THWACK! I don’t feel any pain but feel my hand bounce from the side of the pickup. I keep running. I look behind me. The pickup keeps going. I don’t remember seeing brake lights. Then the pickup is disappearing up into a curve carved on a hillside.

I don’t feel pain. A quick look at my hand shows some blood on the thumb and the two first fingers. Adrenaline is pumping like crazy and I keep running. So I kept running, about 4.5 miles before getting home. Some pain began to show up towards the end when I would try to touch my thumb and first finger together.

At home, I then began the process of arranging x-rays and a doctor’s appointment. Now, almost 11 hours later, I possess a crude splint over the thumb until I see a hand specialist and little pleasant buzz from hydrocodone that the primary doc prescribed for me. The pain got pretty bad and almost brought tears to my eyes.

I did cry today some though. But that was because I received $550 of donations to the JDRF on my donation page. To see that kind of generosity from people squeezed my heart and made it ache. So I cried. I’ve managed to raise a little money towards curing type 1. I guess that was compensation for the broken thumb today.

Please donate if you can.


Edit to add: Here’s something kind of odd. The discomfort in the thumb was keeping me awake and I remembered during that how a couple of years ago someone had sent me an email that they had dreamed I had been hit by a car. So I got up, searched my gmail and found that that email had been sent to me on the 12th of November, 2013. Although I was told I hadn’t fared too well in that person’s dream. I was dead in that.


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