October Review

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November 2, 2015 by scratchtype1

236.3 miles. Most all of those were very easy miles, MAF pace, until the last week when I began mixing in some faster stuff to reawaken the few fast twitch muscles fibers in the legs for the half-marathon on November 22. I think maybe I was getting a bit worn down after that 6 week stretch where I ran more than 320 miles and finally yesterday my legs began to show signs of life again. At least I hope so. I still feel like I have no real good idea of how fast to pace myself at the half coming up. I’m pretty sure that I ought to be able to improve on the PR from last year, but how far under that I can go is uncertain.

And there may always be that possibility that somehow I end up there that day all flat. For some reason, even after all the time I’ve done running the last 2 years, I still seem to have no surefire method to give me springy legs that go fast. There’s been times I’ve gone into a day thinking my legs will have nothing, they feel flat to start, and I end up cranking out relatively quick numbers. Then there’s been times when I feel good that my legs ought to be able to go good, the legs have a sense of spring when I run, and I look down at the watch and I’m only poking along at a turtle pace, and when I try to accelerate, there’s no response.

Maybe some day I’ll figure it out. Until then, I’m just going to feel like it’s a crapshoot.

The fundraising effort for the JDRF is not taking off. Grrr. I’ve tried to use Facebook to catch some interest, but so far nothing. I’ve tried making a couple of phone calls to places, but so far nothing. I’ve tried to contact a local weekly paper, hoping maybe they would like a human interest story about a local runner raising money for JDRF through running. So far nothing.

Maybe that’s the reward you reap for being a socially withdrawn sort. I don’t know how to persuade others and I don’t have a substantial network of friends who will think when they see a post of mine on Facebook, that they will agree with my request for them to share it to their timelines, that they’ll do that for me.

I dunno, I dunno, I dunno. Frustrated. I’m not a hero and unlikely to achieve anything memorable in this life. But it got itching in my head to try and it’d be nice to see a little more response than what I’ve got so far.

But I’ll make a plea again. If you read this and think my cause is worthy, consider donating at the fundraising page. If you can’t do that, consider sharing this blog post with someone who might want to contribute. I’m not looking for huge donations, just a few bucks would be great, and even greater would be if somehow the word spread, went viral as they call it, and lots of people made small contributions.

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