Run! And a request…


October 26, 2015 by scratchtype1

I’ve run about 320 miles over the past 6 weeks. Pretty much all of that has been at very easy pace, because I’ve never run consecutive weeks of 50 miles before. Now it’s time to do a little bit of speedy stuff before the half-marathon on the 22nd of November.

I did something else today related to running. I set up a fundraising page with the JDRF, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, with a hope that maybe my story can inspire others to give some money to JDRF at my fundraising page. If you read this and feel moved to do so, please do so. If you feel you know others who might want to give some money because of a crazy runner in a kilt doing a half-marathon, please share this post with them, whether by email, facebook, twitter, etc.

Because here’s the thing: while treatment for type 1 diabetes is much better than 30 years ago when I first got diagnosed, treatment is not a cure. Bleeding fingers 10 times a day is not a cure. Injecting insulin is not a cure. An insulin pump is not a cure. The self-treatment that type 1 diabetics do is demanding and stressful sometimes. I can never forget about it. It haunts me with every step that I run, with the time around the time I go to run. I need to coordinate my food and insulin doses to make running possible. I’m rather lucky that my metabolism has a quirk that often lets me run for longer periods of time in the morning than other type 1 diabetics, but it’s a fair bit of wrangling to make running possible.

But maybe it can be cured. And that needs money to find that cure. But if we cure it, we can remove an obstacle to running for many. It’s not an impossible obstacle, but it is formidable sometimes. Please consider giving to the JDRF, please consider helping to make one day type 1 diabetes a medical history lesson, not a medical lesson of every hour of every day for millions of people.

Running past


3 thoughts on “Run! And a request…

  1. Jade Hunter says:

    I love this post- thanks for sharing. Keep running for your cause xxx

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