August Review

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September 2, 2015 by scratchtype1

186 miles of running, about 94 of them barefoot. Only June 2014 and December 2014 have seen me run more miles. Miles were mostly slow and easy, since it was August and since I’m still recovering from the time with Lyme disease. I have felt more energy over the past month, so I feel fairly confident that the antibiotics have wiped out the bacteria that cause Lyme, and now I’m must still in a phase called post-Lyme syndrome that affects some, and affects some more strongly than others.

I did have enough energy one day to run more than 10 miles, my first double-digits mileage run since late May. I felt tuckered out some by the end, but at least I hit more than 10 miles. So right now training for the half-marathon continues to be run easy as much as possible, and every now and then if I’m feeling stronger, run faster for short stretches. It’s nothing exciting, but I’ve accepted it as being what I can do.

The running streak continues. 143 days now after this morning’s run. I’m also now 200 miles ahead of pace for someone trying to run 1560 miles in a year. And in less than 180 miles I will surpass last year’s running mileage, so that might fall near the end of this month, but more likely early in October. I’m also now up to 50 straight weeks of at least 10 miles in a week and after tomorrow that will change to 50 straight of more than 20 miles. August was the 11th straight month that I’ve run at least triple digits for mileage.

I do wonder some where I’d be at right now if I hadn’t had the tick bite and Lyme. But I can still be happy of what I’ve done running so far this year. Averaging over 35 miles per week, a running streak now of close to 150 days, and a strange new stubborn endurance that kept me moving even when the energy was hard to find.

I don’t know what it will all mean when I disappear in the unsettling crowd of runners in Philly late November, except that I’ll be there again and will somehow, one way or another, go those 13.1 miles.


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