run streak day #105, not such a bad wakeup

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July 26, 2015 by scratchtype1

I woke up early enough to have some decaf coffee and run before the sun started getting too strong. Now one thing that running with lyme and the post-lyme recovery has done is kept me from running to my favorite stretches of road for barefoot running. Truthfully enough I’ve been wimpy about the chipseal pavement near home, and one thing that I’ve struggled with is that often when I go out to run, I tend to feel like I’ve used up most of my energy reserve after 5 or 6 miles. If I go the one lovely barefoot running road, it means that I have to do at least 7.4 miles roundtrip. If I go to the other stretch, it means that I have to climb a fairly steep hill almost a half-mile in length and it’s been really hard to summon the will to turn right at that one intersection.

So I’ve been running almost exclusively in Xeros. Which are really good for when you don’t want to have to watch the road so closely and not have to be bothered with the feet sometimes taking on some stretches of loose and sharp pebbles or the stretches where the chips weren’t given a lot of tar. But this morning I went out and a little after a quarter-mile, the knot underneath the Xero on the right foot sheared off from wear. Where it happened it wasn’t favorable to me stepping off and relacing the Xero, so I began walking up the hill to where the shoulder side flattens out.

Then all of a sudden it hits me, as at first I’m walking up the slope with the right Xero flopping under my foot. Take it off. Then, take the other one off. Then holding the pair of them in the right hand, I restarted the watch and began running barefoot. So up to the intersection at the top of the hill, then I turned around as usual and ran back towards home. When I reached the mailbox, I opened it up and put the Xeros in there. It had been feeling good to run barefoot, even on this less than favorable chipseal. Time to run and see how the feet would do. Although I haven’t been doing nearly enough barefoot running, I’ve still done a lot of walking barefoot and that’s helped to preserve the soft leathery like soles. So down the hill I went, down to the bridge where there’s a fearsome collection area of pebbles and debris. The feet complained a couple of times, but now I was sure. Let’s run.

It wasn’t any spectacular run, although I had enough energy not to use walk breaks and as the run progressed, I ran faster splits, even with the last 2.5 miles being more uphill than down. I hope that’s a good sign. A lot of my runs during the Lyme afflicted period have featured a trend of positive splits, almost no matter how slowly I begin. Have I finally peaked the hill of this challenge? It’s too soon to know, but damn I hope so. I’ve managed to continue to run during all of this, but it’s been frustrating to have legs almost always without spring in them.


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