run streak day 98

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July 19, 2015 by scratchtype1

6.3 miles this morning for the 98th straight day that I’ve run at least a mile. During these 98 days, I’ve run about 508.8 miles, which is about 30 miles less than last year’s running streak of 97 days. But by this time last year when the streak had come to an end, I was dealing with some pain in the left hip flexor area. This year I’m happy to say that I don’t seem to have any sorts of aches or pains from the hips to down below. So that’s good, and maybe I’m doing a good job of running productively and healthily.

Although I can’t say that I’m perfectly healthy. This second round of antibiotic treatment has been interesting some. I seem to be having some herx reactions, which are toxic effects someone feels because the antibiotics are killing the bacteria. So in that sense a herx reaction is good. The antibiotics are nuking bad guys. On the other hand, it can be annoying to deal with muscle fatigue, a stiff neck, itching, suddenly overwhelming urges to nap. Sometimes at night when I’ve been falling asleep I’ve noticed light muscle twitching.

Today the recovery from Lyme made me sleep until about 6:40 in the morning. It would have been better to already be running by then. But because of the late wakeup, I didn’t get out the door until about 8:15. And it’s hot today. Bad kind of hot and bad kind of humid. So the most obvious feature of the run was me slowing down during it. I actually started off rather promising which was surprising because when I woke up, lord, I felt stiff and almost lethargic enough that running seemed impossible.

And when I began running, I still felt stiff and slow. I grinded my way up that first hill and thought, “Yow, this is going to be slow. Maybe only a couple of miles today.” Then later on the watch beeped, indicating the first mile was done. I look down and see 9:38. Huh? Lately, because of Lyme, a lot of my first miles have been over 10 minutes. Yesterday, a day where the legs actually felt kind of springy, the first mile was run as though without springy legs, registering 10:17 on the watch. I don’t know if I’ll ever figure this strangeness. There are some days when the legs feel good and sort of springy, but I run slowly. Then there are days where the legs don’t really feel like lead, but don’t feel all that great, but I relatively fast. It’s a head scratcher.

But there it was this morning. A fast first mile for me with Lyme. But because it was already so freaking hot, I then took a walk break of about 50 seconds, then resumed running. The legs felt pretty good through the first 3.25 miles or so, but by then the heat and sun was getting tough. I kept using walk breaks about every 10 minutes or so, pushing them back some to coincide with uphills. But probably needless to say none of the other miles were anywhere near close to that first mile of 9:38.

Still, I had more energy this week, overall. I totaled up 44.9 miles for the week. So that’s 7 straight weeks of 30 or more miles. If I get at least 30 this week, that will make 8 straight weeks of more than 30 miles, a new personal record. Yesterday, I climbed up over 100 miles in July, so that’s 10 straight months with at least 100 miles. Running paces early in the week were slow, but improved as the week went along. I hope that’s a sign that the antibiotics are winning the war against Lyme. Still, I’m going to keep an eye on how things go, and if early next week I’m still dragging with my running times and still feeling what are likely herx flares, I will call the doctor’s office to discuss whether I should be prescribed some more weeks of antibiotics.

I’ve managed to keep running in spite of Lyme, but I would really like to get back to feeling a good lightness when I run. I think maybe I’ve managed to build some more of a desperate and deep kind of running endurance, as I’ve somehow learned it’s possible to keep squeezing out some miles even when things are feeling kind of crappy. Hopefully that’ll have some sort of carryover into when I’m running again without any Lyme bacteria fucking around inside of me.

I had one nice barefoot running dream last night, where I remember a part that I was running fast over some snow and ice but it felt good, and then I was turning up a hill and just flying up it like an arrow. Oh well. 2 more days and I’ll have a running streak of 100 days. Long long ago, I thought the most I could run in a week was 4 days. That turned out not to be true. I’ve now run 98 straight days and for maybe almost half of that, I’ve been affected by Lyme. I ran more than 10K this morning in heat and humidity that would have obliterated me some years ago.

Right now my left arm itches because of herx. The neck is pretty loose though. On to tomorrow.


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