Streak Day #92

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July 13, 2015 by scratchtype1

6.3 miles easy today. Used the heart rate monitor to keep me honest on that. I was surprised some by how the legs felt more lively today, although I faded some with heat and humidity, and maybe Lyme at the end. It’s hard to say. During the first 5 days of antibiotics again for Lyme, I’ve had these amazing swings of how I feel, often within very short periods of time. I can go from feeling pretty normal and lively, to suddenly feeling overwhelmed and ready to nap at the first chance of putting a head on a pillow. But somehow I ran 40.5 miles last week. The last 2.5 miles came almost immediately after it was reported on Twitter that Scott Jurek had reached the north terminus of the Appalachian Trail. I felt pretty strong and good, so despite the fact it was 85 and humid, out I went after checking the blood sugar and eating some tootsie rolls to give me extra sugar to burn. I wore the HRM on that and actually ran it a little fast. But it felt good to do that after more than a month of mostly plodding miles on interrupted by short bursts of speed with strides.

I’ve certainly noticed one thing since starting antibiotics again. My brain had gotten foggy over the prior 3 weeks. But it had happened gradually. Now I’m finding it easier again to focus and concentrate.

One thing I’ve read about some is that when you take antibiotics to kill the Lyme bacteria, the bacteria’s mischief isn’t done immediately when it’s killed. Instead, the bacterial remains can be toxic and that might cause some of the fatigue, pain, brain fog, etc. The body has to eliminate that to feel better.

It’s kind of funny to think about. It was last year in May when I had my first 40 mile week ever. Now I had a 40 mile week while being treated for Lyme. It probably could have been up around 50 if it weren’t for the fact that I’m sometimes having to work hard, even when running easy, to get up over 6 miles on a run. Hopefully I can get the Lyme taken care of and then fully recovered. Maybe August I’ll feel good the whole month and can try to put together a 200+ mile month. I’ve only had one of those ever, last December, but it seemed like it had good effect. After I recovered from the cold in late January, February was a really good month of running when the weather wasn’t keeping me inside. I kind of suspected my legs then had absorbed the effects from running every day in December and doing over 200 miles in that time. I kind of think that I would get another boost with another month like that. Maybe not as big as the first time, but again another improvement in speed and endurance.

I feel an itch to run right now, but it’s not going to happen because it’s probably better not to run and I’ve also got my dinner bolus insulin fully active, which means if I started running, all that insulin would burn through the glucose like fire through dry grass.

40+ miles again this week? I hope so. It’s been a long time since I’ve put up back to back 40+ mile weeks. I should have had more of them by this point in the year, but it’s been a struggle with the winter weather and the various illnesses along the way. Still, I’ve now got 42 weeks of 20 or more miles and the left hip feels fine. Good chance this week that I’ll reach 100 miles for this month and that’ll make 10 straight months of at least 100 miles. Prior to me becoming a barefoot or minimalist footwear runner, I had only ever had 3 months of 100+ miles. I learned to love running when my bare feet began teaching me how it really felt to run like a human being. All those nerves in the bottoms of our feet. They have reason to be there. At least mine did.


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