June Review

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July 4, 2015 by scratchtype1

This morning I did a very easy run. That’s a common theme the past few weeks, I’ve only had one run during the time where my legs felt sharp and quick, other than that it’s been a lot of plodding. Some of those plods have been better than others, but some plods have been bad. None as bad the plods before going to the doctor and starting treatment for Lyme, but still I’m wondering some if I’m still being affected by that or is it that my body is somewhat worn out after 9 straight months with more than 125 miles each month. Still, the overtraining idea doesn’t seem likely. Yes, I’ve averaged around 34 miles per week during the last 40 or so weeks, but that doesn’t seem like so much.

But it also seems like I don’t have strong enough evidence to go back to the doctor and ask if he might think that the Lyme bacteria are still affecting me.


Frustrated. That is how I feel about the total of 158.3 miles for June. My biggest month so far in 2015, beating out February which is the only month this year I feel like I was in top physical health the whole year. January I had a cold that affected me for about 10 to 14 days, then came the maybe mono relapse of late March into April, then the Lyme of late May.

But then, after this morning’s run, I’m up to 889.1 miles for the year. I’m almost 100 miles ahead of the 1560 miles in a year pace bunny and today was day 83 of the running streak I’ve got going. The left hip is still feeling good, so I’m feeling more and more confident that my self-diagnosis of the inflammation last year being caused by the left glute not working as hard as it should was correct. Fixing that with the hill sprints in order to teach the left glute its job has now had me run around 1350 miles without the hip going bad again. There has been a few twinges from time to time, but they’ve always gone away after doing some more hill sprints and including some short bursts of fast running. Gotta keep that glute awake.

So that was the story of June, just trying to get some running in every day although I rarely felt fully electric on any run. I’ll see how July goes and when my next doctor appointment comes in August, if I’m still struggling some with a lack of energy, then I’ll talk to him about that.

And now I’m going to go register for the half-marathon at the Philadelphia Marathon in November. I can get 15 dollars off the entry fee if I register this afternoon.


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