April Review

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May 1, 2015 by scratchtype1

Maybe it won’t be a bad idea to do monthly reviews, just to help me to try to see what’s going with running and if I can spot anything of note.

For April, I ran 128.3 miles and 27 of the 30 days. The month started off slowly, as my body tangled with a relapse of mono or so I suspect. I don’t have certain evidence of that, but I do know that ever since April 2004 when I was diagnosed with mono, that it seems like after an interval of slightly more than 2 years, I will go through a stretch of weeks with greatly reduced energy and the need to sleep a lot. I didn’t notice whether that happened in late 2012 or early 2013, but then I wasn’t doing any running. There might have been a listless period when I wanted to sleep a good deal more, but I wasn’t trying to put my body through the demands of running well over 20 hours every month.

So, if it was a relapse, it was making it tough going early in April. After 12 days, I had only run approximately 36 miles and I was beginning to wonder some if my streak of months with 100 miles or more of running might come to an end. The lack of running wasn’t from lack of psychological will to run, I just simply had no energy. Many of the runs were rather short and often saw me eventually stopping running and just walking the rest of the way home. By the end of the week on the 12th of April, I had had 3 consecutive weeks of low mileage of a total around 66.5 miles, quite a dropoff after having reached an average 35 miles per week for the year prior to the dropoff.

I suppose that April 13th was where the body began to make its comeback, as I had some almost decent feeling runs midweek. But the hopeful signs from those runs seemed thwarted when on the 18th and 19th I barely managed to run 2.8 and 2.4 miles those days, feeling very wiped out. But then that little bit of rest seemed to work out because finally the next week I began seeing runs like I had been having back in February and March. The best of those was the 11.3 mile run on the 23rd, where I had legs which felt very springy and I ran with a great deal of joy and purpose. Of course anyone who runs knows that you will never get those runs all the time and sometimes you might go more than a week without them, but since I hadn’t felt a run like that for more than a month, it was pure pleasure to feel almost quick and like a runner again.

The worst run was the 2.4 mile run I had on Sunday the 19th. The whole of it felt like an awful trudge, and event though it managed to take me up over 30 miles of running in a week again, I was at the emotional low-water mark for how I felt about running. Would I ever feel a good run again? A positive answer to that came sooner than expected on Thursday the 23rd.

The paces have slowed down a bit again this week, but I’m not feeling anything like a few weeks ago. It looks like I should be able to put up at least 35 miles for this week and get May off to a better start than last month. I’m currently on a 19 day streak of running.

Now that I’m feeling less fatigued, I need to put in some hill sprints on the schedule again. Honestly enough, during the worst of the fatigue, I just had no energy to go climb up over the one hill that takes me to my favored hill sprinting hills. I would sometimes look right instead of left at the intersection and just groan inside at the thought of climbing the .42 miles up that.

After today’s run, Runningahead has me on pace to run 1720 miles for the year. My stretch goal is to run over 1800 miles. To do that of course I need to remain healthy. Hopefully I can take of the muscles and joints parts of that and hopefully I won’t get whacked again by too many viruses.


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