Holding Pattern

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April 15, 2015 by scratchtype1

It’s not a crashing halt, so that’s good. I still run most days and that at least helps the mood some, although I’m a bit ticked off by a recent development. While I do like to run barefoot and while my feet have toughened up considerably the last 2 years by going around barefoot as much as possible, my feet do have a certain sensitivity. I can run short stretches of gravel and some of the roads around here with the bad kind of chipseal (little tar with tiny sharp chips), I don’t enjoy that. Because of that, I had settled into a routine where if I wanted to do some more extended barefoot running, I ran to a road that had fairly smooth chipseal. It gave a 2.8 mile roundtrip stretch of road where I could run without feeling like the bottoms of my feet were being stabbed.

They mostly destroyed it last week. I don’t know why. The road didn’t seem to be in need of any repair really, but a chip and tar crew came along and laid down long patches of some of the worst chips I’ve ever seen and used a minimal amount of tar to attach it to the surface. It’s even a bear to run some when wearing Xeros. I almost wanted to cry when I saw what happened. I had put in a lot of miles on that stretch of road last year, on one run I ran over 15 miles on it and my feet felt wonderful afterwards. Now that would be impossible for me. Sometimes if I’m feeling a bit paranoid I think that maybe people along the road complained to the township officials that there was a crazy barefoot runner running up and down their road and could they put a stop to the barefoot madman? So out went the road crew.

Now my barefoot options involve either using a shorter stretch of road elsewhere or running a few miles to another place that has some pleasantly smooth chipseal. I’ve not done either of those recently because of the struggle with what I suspect is being caused by the mono virus having awakened from dormancy. For three weeks now, I run much slower than what I would expect for the effort and I often feel somewhat drained physically after running. I’ve only been running what feels like easy or recovery effort. And I’m in holding pattern like this, waiting for my immune system to squash down the virus again so I can get my good legs back. I haven’t had one of those really pleasant runs, where you feel good and crank it up some, not to tempo pace where it seems comfortably hard, but below that somewhere, where it feels fairly easy and there’s not much strain, but you’re just gliding and the legs are springs bouncing you along. I haven’t felt that in the legs now for over 3 weeks.

It’s frustrating because last weekend a friend sent me a message that he had a friend who had a Broad Street bib that wouldn’t be used and I could get for 30 dollars if I wanted. But I don’t know when I’ll get back to normal running again and I don’t know if I could go 10 miles right now. So I passed on it.

I did have a pleasant running dream last night though.

Oh well. Lots of words, but nothing much said with all of them. Just venting a bit.


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