Various Numbers from 2014


January 2, 2015 by scratchtype1

I’ve had some ideas for posts and writing, but anytime I sit down to try them, the efforts leave me deeply unsatisfied. I dreamed some about the issue last night and in the dream just before I woke up, I found myself trying to cross a narrow stream and bridge. The bridge had gaping holes in it, just as my writing seems to have lately.

But to put something down, various numbers pulled from the running log and the year 2014:

Miles: 1420.6

Time running: 238 hours 17 minutes 12 seconds

# of days that I ran: 250

Longest run: 16.3 miles

# of runs 10 or more miles: 20

Races run: 3

Top weekly mileage: 54.1 miles

Top monthly mileage: 203.3 miles

Longest running streak: 97 days and 538.8 miles

PRs: 10 miles, 1:38:04 on January 12; Half-marathon, 1:58:18 on November 23

coldest run: 9 degrees, January 7, 2014

barefoot miles: 432 miles

miles in Xeros: 973 miles

Low weekly mileage: 0

Low monthly mileage: 33.5

Most consecutive non-run days: 13

Months of 100 or more miles: 8

Weeks of 20 or more miles: 36

Weeks of 30 or more miles: 22

Weeks of 40 or more miles: 12

Weeks of 50 or more miles: 2

# of steps counted by pedometer, includes walking: 6,193,905

A story could be spun from anyone of those numbers, some more interesting than others, but all of them have a story to them. Since I suck at storytelling right now, I’ll leave it to imaginative passers by to construct stories from those.


2 thoughts on “Various Numbers from 2014

  1. Runner λ says:

    Imponaj statistikaĵoj!
    Vi kuris multe kaj ofte je la pasinta jaro.
    Feliĉan novjaron!

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