Three to See #2

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December 10, 2014 by scratchtype1

1. The first is a post from a blog which has often been giving me pause to thought, especially ideas about running form. “Understanding Our Own Imperfections…” is a curious post to me, as it stands somewhat in contrast to my own less-than-academic musings about the subject where I propose the idea that the ideal runner is symmetrical in form and function. But the author of Running in Systems points out that probably nearly most all of us are asymmetrical to some degree.

2. “I Ran a F**king Ultra” Me, I’d probably be less delicate and not bother with the asterisks, but hey, we all express ourselves in our own ways, no matter how delicate or indelicate they may be. I had a somewhat mixed emotional reaction to the post. First it’s incredible to me the idea of running 50 miles like that, but also a sense of wistfulness and regret that it would be very very difficult for me to ever achieve a distance like that. Juggling insulin dosing and food intake is tricky enough when running from 2 to 4 hours for me, going beyond that would take a hell of a lot of study and work. Maybe that means I’m just not crazy or dedicated enough. Who knows? I certainly don’t. But definitely take some to time read her blog, Michelle the Runner, because it’s entertaining and there’s quality writing.

3. Real Barefoot  I had an Australian runner in the first Three to See and I’ve enjoyed it when I see this blogger’s posts show up in my favorite blogs feed. She does a lot of running, a lot of barefoot running. There’s some good reading in there if you’re someone considering the idea of trying to run some barefoot.


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