Two and the Same and Not

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November 25, 2014 by scratchtype1

Maybe the last time I had run hard and full effort at a race was Broad Street 2008. Although I hesitate some saying that, because I had slacked off in the amount of running during the couple of months before. So while I ran the race to nearly the most I had that day, I hadn’t gotten myself pushed to having more to give. Nothing’s perfect, hey? But that’s a fairly obvious statement about life, running, love, races, fucking everything I guess.

The legs were sore yesterday. Not quite so sore as I remember after the 2007 half-marathon. Yesterday I wasn’t troubled too much by going down steps. 2007 it hurt a lot the day after to go down stairs. But I think some the soreness has a different quality to it. I’ve written before about the sense that a huge deficit in my running ability has stemmed from lack of using the glutes. In the 2007 race, that means the quads did a lot of work and got trashed badly, somewhat like how the Boston Marathon is notorious for destroying quads because of their downhills. Now Philadelphia doesn’t have as much downhill like that, but remember that in 2007 that even on flat terrain I was probably a quad-dominant runner. I also can’t remember and don’t have any notes about feeling soreness in hamstrings or the glutes for 2007.

This year I can say that the hamstrings, calves, and glutes are all still sore some, the day after the day after. That’s good then, I’m slowly learning to run the way a human being ought to run.

Today’s recovery run was very slow. Truth is, the only way I could have gone faster is if a bear had jumped out from behind at me and scared the living shit out of me to run faster. After the brief and dizzying fumes of personal-level glory on Sunday, today’s run humbled me and reminded me for the most part that I am not a spectacular runner. But then I also drew strength on how I was able to run, that 2 days after a run where I did not yield to the thoughts of slowing down and taking it easy, where it felt like I drew on almost all I had to run hard the whole way, that I simply ran today. There were a few too many cars for me to get all zen-like, but while the road was empty, I felt good with how the feet and the ground worked together. I did use the Xeros because my soles are still sensitive some.

It’s strangely warm today. In spite of that, I put on the 2014 shirt that was given to me. It’s quite silly, but I wanted badly to wear that shirt, wear that piece of clothing that represents the race where I ran 1:58:18. Of course none of the cars who passed me recognized what it meant. Nor the two bicyclists with whom I exchanged waves hello. That didn’t matter that the pride I felt was private and fierce. Ne gravas is the way to say it in Esperanto. Ne gravas. That’s the way of us human beings. We’re odd mixtures of the absurd and serious, pride, ego, and being humbled.

Tomorrow it may snow here.

I’ve got many more miles to run.


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