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July 22, 2014 by scratchtype1

I had a good feeling run today and more importantly, the lower shin area of the left leg continues to feel good. I wore the compression sleeve last night as there was a little bit of soft swelling along the tibia last evening. When I woke up this morning, the swelling was all gone. After being awake for an hour or so, I went out to run and wore compression sleeves on both legs. The leg felt good at the start, except for some tightness around the left hip area, so I have to continue to do mobility work with it probably. But everything was soon loose for the first slow mile which I kept quite easy. Then I reached the bridge for today’s route, pulled off the Xeros, and put them to the side on a ledge of the bridge. Time to get the barefoot miles. I kept the first 2 barefoot miles at a comfortable rhythm, a little bit under the easy ceiling. Then I picked it up to get around the ceiling for the next 3 miles, and then and there, still feeling good, I pushed it harder some, to an effort that felt about half-marathonish pace or slightly faster maybe.

I ran the last mile in 8:40, with approximately equal elevation gain and loss. That’s good. It wasn’t dreadfully hot today, but it was about 68 degrees and nearly 100% humidity, so if it were to be in the 40s and low humidity like a good day in November for Philadelphia, I would be able to run that effort much faster.

All of this reinforces that I’ve made some substantial gains in fitness over the last 2 months with a lot of easy running as measured by the heart rate monitor. I also can now expect that so long as I keep running and don’t get sidelined by injury or otherwise, the sub 2 hour goal for the half-marathon in November is quite soft. I expect that if I were to continue to run and make no gains in fitness, that I could probably run at a rather comfortable pace and beat 2 hours come November. But of course if I continue to run a good number of miles, I’ll still be making gains.

Anyways, since I did throw in a bit of harder running at the end, tomorrow’s plan is to run all easy. If there is no swelling in the problem area, I’ll do tomorrow’s run without a compression sleeve and see what happens.


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