Snow and shoes

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December 13, 2013 by scratchtype1

It figures that after 2 relatively mild and snow-free winter seasons, that the one where I’ve come back to running and doing so barefoot would possibly feature 3 significant snows within a week’s time. This last Sunday here saw about 6 to 8 inches, then Tuesday followed up with about 2 inches or so, and now tomorrow, Saturday, could see a few more inches. I’m hoping that I can get out early tomorrow and run in the Xeros, the roads I will run on if so should be dry enough and clear of any snow or ice.

But the park I run at after work during the week is all snow and ice at this time. Well, today there were a couple of bare pavement sections, but other than that, packed snow and ice. I’m not willing yet to try that out barefoot, and before I use the Xeros on it, I’m going to wait for the Christmas present I asked for, wool toe socks. Still, I don’t want to lose the aerobic fitness I’ve been gaining, so I figured it was time to make use of that pair of running shoes I bought back 2010 but never got around to using. So because of that, I’ve done my first 2 shodden runs yesterday and today.

They felt weird. Very very weird. Bizarre. I missed the sensation of my feet interacting with the ground. That helps me realize just how much the running experience can be about that interaction between the feet and ground. And how much many running shoes can disrupt that, divorce us from the earth, sever our connection to the ground and to our feet, to those bundles of nerves in the plantar skin.


I did have the good fortune once of a different sort of running, one which can not really be done barefoot. Snowshoe running. It was quite beautiful, to run in the snow, to run in a pair of snowshoes that I will never run in again. I’ve thought about that when I look at the countryside around me and the snow, how beautiful it would be to put a pair on and go running out there. Sadly, I can’t justify the expense really to buy a pair for myself and likely how little I would get to use them, along with the basic fact most of the money I make has to go to the necessities of life.

I dreamed that I was running again in them last night, with a soft snow falling around me. Everything was quiet and I was almost floating rather than running.

But dreams are only dreams, and what we might once have dreamed of is no more. So I should hope to dream something more realistic tonight, of the barefoot runs to come again when there is less winter, less cold and less snow. While I may not have the opportunity of the one sort of beauty anymore, I still have a realistic one waiting for me, a real one waiting for me.


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