to fly while the world turns dark

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November 5, 2013 by scratchtype1

We turned the clocks back an hour this past weekend, which put me where I was last evening. It was somehow fitting that I was wearing black running shorts and the black long-sleeved top over a plain white tee shirt. It was chilly, about 42 degrees and I wore a stocking cap. My feet weren’t bare though, I used the Xeros because there was still some slight tenderness from a blister that I got on Saturday when I ran my longest barefoot run yet of 7.3 miles.

Very quickly I settled into a comfortable rhythm that felt easy and I felt myself growing warm, except for my hands. Next time need to remember gloves. As the sun was due to set in about 10 minutes, it was quickly turning dark. I felt kind of stealthy dressed mostly in black, but the steady patter of the soles of the Xeros took away from that some.

I felt good. Strangely good. While I wasn’t getting full tactile sensation because of the soles, I still felt a good connection with my feet and the ground, a connection that was alive and dancing between the ground, my feet and head. I ran the first loop of the park fairly comfortable and then picked it up a notch for loops 2 and 3. I ran, I flew, I glided. All of those, but it all starts with running, with that human endeavor. Effort that was easy, effort that I felt meant to do. I was human and more. I ran and took flight. I floated between each footfall, they rhythm was easy and driving, my arms pumped back and forth, I blazed by the walking pedestrians, my feet drew circles.

I let my legs take care of everything. When the fourth loop began, they wanted faster and that’s what we did. Carry me around again, I said to them, but leave a tiny bit for me at the end, for what I want. It had become too dark for me to read the time on the watch anymore. I ran purely by instinct, trying to feel what the pace would be like for me to run a park loop in less than 7 minutes. My stride never faltered. I worked it all comfortably and just kept springing along. I reached the top of the hill and had just short of .3 miles left to finish the fourth loop, I blazed along, clicked my watch when I reached the end and starting point of where I enter the loop and then accelerated. Time to practice that 5K finishing kick, to accelerate with a tenth of a mile to go. So I flew on for the next post which marks a tenth of a mile.

Then I was done. I had stopped the watch. Time to scroll through the splits. 4th loop, 6:59.92. I don’t know whether to be amazed that I had done it so easy, or so close to 7, or to remind myself it’s not exactly precision calibrated when I click the watch while running by a post, maybe it was faster than that or maybe slightly slower. Then a sprint finish of a tenth of a mile in 40.17 seconds. Nice acceleration, right around 9 mph.

Just an amazing run with a wonderful depth of feeling. You can’t get runs like them all the time, but sometimes you do and this was one of them. I wondered if there was anyone else nearby who felt nearly as alive as I did then.

Edit to add: Take note that if you ever have an awesome feeling run, there might be danger coming for the next day. Since that run, I have narrowly avoided striking a black cat that was running alongside the road on my way home. I misplaced my keys. It turned out that after I went searching for the pedometer which dropped out of my shorts while driving home, I tossed the keys on the back seat of the car. Good thing I live some place where people won’t just be walking by my car and looking in. I spilled some of today’s lunch on the floor. I dialed up an insulin injection before eating breakfast today, but forgot to inject it. Not so happy to find out 2 hours later that my blood sugar had spiked up over 400 mg/dL or 22 mmol/l.

Also had a nightmare last night where I dreamed I was running in shoes


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