Barefoot running makes the Phillies radio broadcast on 8-28-2013.

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August 29, 2013 by scratchtype1

Last night, as I came home from bowling league, I turned on the broadcast of the Phillies-Mets game and the two announcers, Scott Franzke and Larry Andersen, began chatting some. Franzke asked Andersen if he had done his workout today, and Andersen said he had never put his shoes on, and had just done some stretching. Franzke felt that was at least an improvement over the prior day when Andersen had only thought about doing a workout. Andersen said that just thinking about it had tired him out pretty good.

But then, Franzke, because of what Andersen had said about not putting his shoes on, said something like, “But now, this morning, I saw a guy in Central Park running barefooted!”

Andersen said, “What? On the grass?”

“No, on the pavement, in the street.”

“Wow, that must hurt.”

Please understand this is probably not a verbatim rendering of what they said, I’ve had to improvise off the impressions I had while listening and driving home. But that’s the general gist of it, how Andersen’s mentioning how he stretched without shoes on made Franzke think of how he had seen a barefoot runner in Central Park. I enjoyed hearing how they both were incredulous that anyone would go around running barefoot.


As of recent, I’ve been running only in the Xeros while getting my feet back to being right on their soles. The most recent trouble I had was when a crack opened up on the left heel. So because of that, I did some reading at Ahcuah’s blog and found some posts about cracked heels and treatment. Because of those, I purchased a tube of Flexitol, put my first treatment on Monday evening, and since have been 2x daily using Flexitol plus a lathering of Jergens shea butter lotion. The crack is already healing swiftly, and my feet don’t feel nearly so dry. I should have paid more attention to that, and I expect that in the future I’ll probably once or twice a week do some moisturizing treatments with the Flexitol and Jergens.

Still, it’s made me think some — what was different for our evolutionary ancestors? I don’t think they could have been dealing with heel cracks all the time. Heel cracks can be uncomfortable to painful and a break in the skin like that increases the chances of infection. So I’m guessing they must have stayed mostly crack-free. But how? What’s different?

Is it that I shower every day and wash my feet with soap and water? That will remove skin oils and can make the feet dry out more. So maybe that means that since I’m not going to go all evolutionary ancestory and stop showering, it may mean that I will need to do those moisturizing sessions to help keep the living skin well-hydrated.

Now, here’s the stranger thought. One of the ingredients in Flexitol which makes it work so well is urea. Urea is a substance in our urine, it’s used by the body to draw out water, and that’s how our kidneys pull water into them. So who knows, maybe the cavemen and women pissed on each other’s feet.

Grok says, “Ugh ughh ughh time to moisturize, pee on my feet, please!”

That’s it for now. For a future strange sort of post, my mind has been exploring the idea of drawing parallels between barefoot running and the language of Esperanto. Rest assured, you readers will think I’m totally off my crooked and decrepit rocker.


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