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July 12, 2013 by scratchtype1

I did get to thinking a bit some after writing the Wow entry of yesterday. Maybe the guy didn’t say, “Wow!” but “Ow!” Maybe it was just wishful thinking on my part that I heard wow instead of ow. Wishful thinking can do that to you, make you subtly alter the reality of the event into what you want to hear, or see, or feel. Not smell though. I don’t think you can really change smell into something you want. Or taste.


The tan line that has pretty well existed between my lower leg and the place where the socks would reach above the shoe cusp has disappeared. My feet now match my calves! But my thighs don’t. And I’m not really quite audacious enough to start going shortless. I’ll leave challenge to descendants further down the line as shoelessness will migrate northwards and who knows, maybe one day liberate humanity from pants, then shorts and skirts, then underwear.

There’s good smooth and leathery feel to the balls of my feet now, although the right foot’s seems a bit more substantial than the lefts.

The feet feel thicker and more substantial from some muscle growth.

Walked a mile on the chip-seal road and a couple of minutes on top of that gravel parking area. It’s funny, after you walk on rough chip-seal and gravel, when you reach a patch or area of smooth asphalt, damn if it just doesn’t give a feeling of some sort non-slippery butter under the feet. Just an exquisite sensation. Grass and soft ground feels like velvet after walking on rough chip-seal.


Reminders to stupid me:

Don’t forget that muscle rebuilds and grows stronger faster than bones, tendons, and ligaments. Don’t do too much, too soon, give all those important structures underneath the skin and muscle to become stronger too.

There is no simple path to happiness. Hopefully, someone is lucky enough to have choices to make that bring periods of happiness, but there is nothing iron-clad, firm, or certain about it. Pass it forward when you can if you’re so lucky and be graceful about it. A true happiness will likely have a certain grace to it.

There is a feedback loop between sensory input and the state of emotions. Accept all of them, they all have validity, no matter how much it might suck to step on something sharp, no matter how illusory it might seem that dipping a bare foot in a puddle after walking across gravel feels so good.


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