huaraches versus flip flops and a bit about golf

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June 26, 2013 by scratchtype1

The huaraches I made with the kit from Xero Shoes have proven to be very comfortable. Last Saturday morning, I wore them for a good portion of a walk I made and had no problems with rubbing or blistering for about 5 miles of a walk that went up and down some hills. To me, they’re more comfortable to walk in than flip flops, as flip flops always annoy me some with the slappy sound they make. Although flip flops retain one advantage, they’re quicker to put on and take off, with the huaraches you lose some time when doing that.

You do lose a lot of feel though with wearing huaraches. Not as much feel as flip flops which tend to have soft cushioned soles. But you still lose a lot. But they’re a useful tool, making it easier to walk over gravel and also making it possible to walk and run a little faster than completely barefoot — at least for a relatively novice barefooter.


I golfed Sunday afternoon. I played as a single for 12 holes, and during that time I played through a cart threesome, and 2 walking twosomes. Shot an 84, and lost too many strokes with short game mistakes. The full swing is becoming kind of beautiful while playing barefoot. Playing barefoot made me realize something about my full swing, I tend to try to snap the club back fast when transitioning from the backswing to the downswing. I believe this has tended to cause me plenty of issues with timing. Another effect has been that it means I couldn’t really accelerate well through the impact area, if you’re already moving at top speed soon after transition, you can’t accelerate, and if the club for some reason starts to decelerate, it’s quite likely going to start wandering off the path. So now that I’ve begun to work on feeling a slow transition and then accelerating as I swing the club through, I’m starting to see much more predictable and consistent ballstriking.

Anyhow, though, I joined up with a couple on the 13th tee, and on the 15th hole, the lady of the two asked me when I had started golfing barefoot and why. I said about 3 weeks ago and that I had started it with a sort of basic question, “Do we really need shoes?” I then said that the more I’ve been playing barefoot, the more I’m beginning to think that wearing shoes hinders the swing.

I suppose there might be some worry about how much pesticide and herbicide is sprayed on the course and how much that might get absorbed through my feet. The other problem can be goose droppings in some areas of the course, although in some ways it helps to encourage to play away from water trouble as the droppings are most dense near the ponds.  But there are a couple of stretches where it’s important to look down and step carefully around the droppings.


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