the huaraches


June 21, 2013 by scratchtype1

Gotta give the USPS some credit, my huaraches kit from Xero Shoes was shipped on Tuesday and in the mailbox when I got home last evening. So after I ate dinner, I went to work on punching the hole for in between the first and second toe, and then trimming off the extra footpad. To punch the hole, I used the hole punch that was shipped in the kit, a hammer of my own, and a sharpie marker to mark the point. After doing that, and making sure that the hole was in between the toes and so that everything was properly aligned, I then traced around the forefoot and toe area where there was extra rubber. Then I used a pair of scissors to trim that away, staying to the outside slightly of the sharpie line, because of the old rule in carpentry, you can cut away excess but you can’t really put it back if you trim too much.

I found a good video on Youtube which showed me a simple way to lace up the huaraches around my foot, a way which allows me to pull the sandals off and later put them back on without having to relace anything. So then I tried walking around and a little bit of running in them. I was surprised by how comfortable they felt — I had worried some that the lace would be uncomfortable, maybe rubbing between the toes, or around the heel, but so far I can’t say I’ve felt anything like that. There is some minor annoyance with the figure-8 knot through the toe hole and under the sole, but probably as the knot flattens more, that’ll diminish.

They definitely helped me when I ran along the edge of the road near my home. I could still feel the gravel under the soles, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. Still, it’s probably good to keep in mind what some say about the use of minimal footwear and using it on those sorts of conditions — I may be hiding flaws in running form because the footwear robs me of some of the sensory experience.  I guess my view is I understand that, and that’s why I’ll continue to work on doing as much as possible barefoot — including time spent trying to walk on those gravel areas and when I master that, try to take some running strides on gravel as well. I think that’s a reasonable compromise and plan.

One thing I might do now is since I have a good model of what a huarache looks like, is to look at materials in stores near me or online, and see if I can purchase those so I can make further pairs as needed at less cost than the Xeros.  Overall, I’m very pleased though with the kit and if I made more money, I think I’d be inclined to buy more kits from them because the materials seem to be of excellent quality and I received my order in only 2 days.

Something I’ve learned in all of this is that my feet are asymmetrical. The left foot is a bit wider and longer than my right foot.



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